10 Golden Rules of Food Intake...

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In last blog we discussed about the 8 important aspects of Food and now we will continue with this more with some important(Golden) rules of taking food…
Food is important for us as our human life depends on Diet because it provides Nutrition and also nourishes senses organs,also improves complexion,maintain our good health and keep us free from diseases…
According to Ayurveda if we does not follow the proper rules of eating food it can generate ‘AMA’ in our body which means undigested food material or Toxins and according to modern science Free Radicals which is an important causative factor for all diseases…
So it is important to know the 10 Golden rules of Food Intake…
Which is described in Ayurveda as ”Aharavidhi-Vidhan”
Acharya Charak has described this 10 rules of Food Intake and everybody must follow these rules…ant they are bellow…
1.Intake of Food Should be warm…

Freshly cooked warm food is delicious and after intake, it provokes Agni (digestive fire) which then digests the food better.


2. The food should be unctuous-


 Oily food is also delicious and it helps to disintegrate the food for better digestion.


3. Food must be taken in proper quantity- 


Proper quantity of food promotes longevity without affecting VataPitta and Kapha.


4. Eat only when the previous meal is properly digested- 


If the food is taken after the digestion of the previous food, the first liquid tissue- rasa is properly formed which in turn creates all tissues in healthy condition.


5. Food must be taken without any contradictory properties.


6. Do not eat in hurry –


There is danger that hurriedly eaten food may enter into Respiratory tract which can cause reflex cough

and hiccup. Also this does not allow the food to be digested properly.


7. Do not eat too slowly –


This does not give satisfaction.


8. Do not laugh or talk while eating –


Because food must be taken with full concentration that it will do benefit to the body and mind.


9. Do not eat too hot or too cold food.


10.Take food with proper respect to you-


 The knowledge of usefulness and harmful food is very important. Also it is worthwhile to take proper food according to your constitution,age, season, time etc.

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